Sellers: Wash Your Windows!

26 Jan Sellers: Wash Your Windows!

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to make your house look bright and clean and bring in natural light is to pick up a bottle of window cleaner and use it. Cleaning all of your windows inside and especially out, will improve dramatically the light in your home. All of your rooms will look bright and airy. When your house is on the market you need to be sure that you are priced properly, that your house is being marketed by the best and that something sets you apart from other houses. If you do not or cannot spend a lot of money on staging your house professionally, a first step to making a difference is to go natural and clean your windows. Once they are clean, open all the drapes, curtains and shades and let the sun shine in, even in the winter. Another window washing tip is the method in which you clean them. Invest in a squeegee and clean vertically on one side of the window and horizontally on the other side of the window. If you see streaks when you’re done, you will know which side of the window to adjust. Good Luck with the sale of your home and don’t forget to let the light shine in.

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